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Crafting a Scott & Arkel

Each tie and accessory starts its journey with a drawing, a concept, and a source of inspiration. It is then developed, with additional embellishments drawn to scale, and meticulously hand embroidered (by experienced artisans).


At Scott & Arkel we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality luxury fabrics that have been personally gathered from both world-renowned fabric manufacturers, and unusual individual sources.
A lot of our fabrics have been chosen from our travels to exotic and unusual destinations, in order to create limited edition ranges that will never be seen anywhere else in the world.

Biella - Some of our fabrics have been sourced from this area in the foothills of the Italian alps. It is a renowned location for textile production, with mills that have been working for centuries. This has enabled them to perfect the art of producing the finest quality fabric, in beautiful surroundings rich in natural springs.

Cashmere - The cashmere range has been sourced from the fibres of an ancient herd of Hircus goat, which has been cared for and bred by the people of the rural Himalayas for thousands of years. It has been created with a genuine love for the animals, and a passion for producing something extremely distinguished.

Our woven silks have been handmade in England from the finest of fibres. They are firm yet delicate to the touch.