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About Us

“Learning from the past, creating the future’. 

Scott & Arkel is a male accessories company reminiscent of the luxury tailoring of the forties, when handcrafted and beautifully presented clothing was prevalent in society, and it was not unusual to see a smartly dressed gentleman wearing a tie or bow tie when dining with friends or making a visit to a public house.

Our philosophy started with Edward Scott, a gentleman who frequented London’s fine establishments in his smart attire and accessories. He believed that a style should be set not followed, and that it should always divulge a little about the wearer’s personality.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, add a few generations, and the next era of the family have carried on the Scott legacy. Inspired by the idea of reinventing traditional British accessories, our aim is to show that the humble tie can be transformed into something elegant that can be worn at any occasion and at any age. Being surrounded by other cultures at an early age is prevalent in our striking designs, and enables our products to have a sleek and sophisticated edge.

At Scott & Arkel, we are proud to support British manufacturing. All of our products are made in England and hand embroidered by experienced artisans with a wealth of knowledge in the couture industry. Our fabrics are personally chosen according to their quality and flair, and you can read detailed descriptions about them in our craftsmanship  section, which is updated regularly.