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Top five gift ideas for men.

During the pre- christmas chaos it can often be a little difficult to see past the crowds of people and shopping baskets to acquire the perfect gift for the chap in your life. Allow the dutiful workers at Scott & Arkel to ease the task by perusing the following list.

1. The luxurious three piece watch box. -

Priced at £100 this rather dashing watch box will become the perfect adornment to a gentleman’s accessories table. It will give a sleek aesthetic and provide the cushioning that a classic timepiece deserves.

2. The Splurge option - £680
We love this sleek beauty by uniform wares
for it’s simplistic but elegant style. The touch of gold will make it stand out from the crowd. 

3. The lower budget option - Smartphone projector -

Priced at only £15.99, this projector is a wonderful way to see and showcase memories on a big scale.Being very easy to use, this is great for the wannabe gadget guy will all the gear and no idea! It will provide a wonderful centrepiece for dinner parties and casual gatherings alike.

4. The useful gift: Key finder -

The perfect gift idea for the busy working man who always leaves the house in a hurry! This gift is priced at only £6.99 and will provide a quirky stocking filler. It works by simply giving a whistle, and the key finder will beep and light up; alerting the owner to the whereabouts.

5. The fun option

We love the classic yet humorous appeal of this Ipad case. It retails at £118, but the luxurious ribbed surface and leather interior will make you feel like the king of the castle.

So have you found your perfect gift? If not, then whatever it is you are looking for, you can be sure that the internet will provide!

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