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Scott & Arkel: the start of a new journey.

Welcome to Scott & Arkel! Our new company began life after strolling around the stylish shopping districts of the country searching for a tie that was of a higher quality, and made from a different sort of fabric and leaving feeling disappointed. We realised that there were a certain range of styles and colours available, but nothing to add something a little different.

With our products, we like to have a fun in designing them. Each tie starts out with an idea, which have ranged from an evening walk in London,to a famous nautical fellow. This injects a bit of magic into the accessories market; bringing back the idea of a well dressed British gentleman to a suave and sophisticated dynamic.

In creating this company, we want to share our appreciation of good style and   accessories that stems from our ancestors. We would love to create a community where people can talk about their fashion related ideas, and where we can get to know our readers/customers.

Please comment below, email us at or tag us on Instagram: @scottandarkel, with your views on ties and fashion, to be featured in our next blog article, we would love to hear from you.

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