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Big News!

We have been quiet for a little while but we have had some exciting new developments!

At the end of April we attended the Spring Country Living fair at Alexandra Palace. After many hours of lifting and adjusting our antique heavy furniture, and perhaps a few cross words, we were all set up for what was to be a great event.


At all of the fairs that we attend, we have the pleasure of meeting some great businesses who have also ventured out on a dream and an idea. It is nice to come out of your own thoughts and small working environment into a loving community, appreciative of each other’s efforts and just how hard it is to make an impression in the business world.

After a few hours of meeting customers, all with their own stories about ties and memories, a rather nice Irish lady was asking a lot of questions…

After five or so minutes of chatting she revealed herself to be the editor in chief of the Country Living Magazine, Susy Smith! She proceeded to say that she loved our ethos and products, and gave us…

  ….the award!! 

We had the pleasure of meeting television presenter Catherine Gee, - well known for being on Escape To The Country for many years, who announced us as the winner of the best stand design at the drinks evening. It gave us such pride to see all of our ideas and the culmination of our hard work being recognised in front of everyone.

Following on from that we were transported back in time.. to the London tweed run!



  We met many lovely chaps and wacky outfits; featuring baskets full of things, from champagne to small dogs!




 It was extremely uplifting to see so many people having a day out for just pure enjoyment whilst not worrying about what they looked like!

We have returned to the office with lots of ideas and memories, and cannot wait to share our latest products with you!

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